A plan of action to build their inner and physical self with strategies and prevention measures in place.

Mike Del Ciancio

Mike Del Ciancio
“My experience with the Immediate Action Team showed great results, for those of you who know Tony this should not surprise you. The workouts themselves were on point, I loved the diversity of strength mixed with conditioning leaving me feeling energized throughout the day. My biggest take away however was team brainstorming from multiple perspectives with like minded men and Tony’s straight to the point no bullshit approach. He especially helped me in a few key areas I needed guidance in through his diverse level of perspective gained from a wide range of experiences. I would recommend the Immediate Action Team to anyone looking to take a step towards taking responsibility for the life they see around them.”
Mike Del Ciancio
Owner of Zappa Cannabis   

Dave Haas


“Tony smith understands what it takes to succeed in all areas of life. What makes Tony stand out from others that have succeeded is that he is also an exceptional leader, he understands how to motivate people and he is able to articulate with ease what they need to do to experience the success he has had.”


Dave Haas

Owner & Motivational Speaker of Rise Up Rich

Dan Goodman

Dan Goodman Varsity House CEO

There are very few people that understand the nuances of driving and elevating a team forward. Someone that can be a friend, mentor, motivator at the same time as being the “Boss.” I was NOT that someone until working one-on-one with Tony Smith. One of the very first things he told in terms of team management that still resonates very much is, “Stand beside them during a battle and behind them in the celebrations of success. Then, when you take your place in front during failure, watch how they step forward to take their place next to you.”

Effective leadership strategies have decreased my stress levels and empowered our team members to get more out of their work. We’ve seen a positive change in our culture and profit margins!

Tony’s efforts have helped our businesses tremendously and someone we will continue to consult with
for years to come.


Dan Goodman
CEO, Co-Owner Varsity House Gym New Jersey, USA

Houida Kassem

The definition of the name Tony is “Worthy of praise”
Ironically enough, Tony Smith is a man who never seeks praise but certainly merits tons of it!

He’s a natural-born leader! He shoots from the hip and speaks from the heart. A trailblazer for both young and old. Spend an hour of time with Tony and you will undoubtedly feel empowered to also make positive changes in your own life but also in the lives of others.

He has what it takes to bring changes to a world that needs more of Tony’s drive and empowerment.

So if you’re looking for a better, healthier and more balanced life, do yourself a favour and call Tony.

Tony Smith may not sing his own praises but I don’t have a problem in singing his praises for him.


Houida Kassem
Executive Director of the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation

Mike Scott

When I walked through the doors to The Garage Gym in January 2017, I was the typical New Year’s
resolution guy looking to make some positive changes most notably getting back in shape. I had no idea
that what I thought would be a basic gym membership would turn into what has become a holistic
mental and physical mentorship program under Tony Smith. After 6-8 weeks of membership to the gym,
the message that Tony continually pressed on the members really started to sink in, and I was all in. Let
go of excuses and just do the hard work. Over the course of the last three years under Tony’s guidance, I
have made major strides in all areas of my life and am a happier, healthier and more successful person.
When Tony launched the Testosterone Training program he was able to help me identify areas in my life
outside of the gym where I was not maximizing my potential and how to dial in making deliberate
choices to move toward concrete achievable goals. Most of all, I learned the art of saying “No”. Despite
having a busier schedule in both my career and home life, I’m less stressed and better equipped to
manage every item that I have deemed a priority in my life. I’m more present with my children, my wife
and my work every single day.

At the end of the day, the numbers in my life speak for themselves. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’m
stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve seen a 33% increase in my sales and the best two fiscal years
of my life. Despite having the highest sales production years of my career, I’ve actually decreased the
number of hours spent in the office and prioritized work/life balance. I’ve been present at every recital,
concert and awards presentation that my kids have earned, taken a once in a lifetime trip with my wife
and built strong lasting friendships with a huge array of equally motivated and dedicated people who
enrich my life daily.

I can’t say enough good things about Tony Smith. If you’re looking for real change then you need to
contact Tony and jump all in…..trust me you will not regret it.


Mike Scott
Senior Development Agent All State Insurance